Get todays Platinum Play

At Percentage Play Vegas we help you take the sting out of your betting by offering you better play choices week to week. Our record speaks for itself. Below are the type of plays you can get.

Daily Play

The Daily Play is our absolute best play of the day and if we don’t have a play that day, you will be notified via email once you register. When you register we will give our next favorite pic for the next game we like.

Platinum Play

Each week we have a game that we think you should be interested in. As we move through the week there will be a specific game that stands out to us, we bet this game ourselves.

Weekly Play

Our Weekly Play is comprised of all the plays we like for the week. We pick who we think the winners will be and you get to choose how to play them on your ticket. As always we are picking who we think the winners will be.